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If you have a spare 30 mins, you can watch me share my personal and career life story here, courtesy of Nick Price and Working Films Ltd.

If not, the one minute and 10 second version is below 😉

CEO, HR professional (by trade), Investor, start up advisor, consultant, recruiter, marketer, techy and wannabe futurologist. In the dog world I’d be referred to as a ‘Bitzer’ – Bitz of this, and bitz of that. The first 10 years of my career were text book HR – from gritty ER stuff in a closed shop union environment to the slick end of International HR in a global consumer goods business. A great, if not a little thankless, existence.

The next 20 years were less than text book. I left HR following a bout of chronic disillusionment and dabbled in Executive Search for a short while. I remember being horrified at how backward it was and just as I was developing a plan to change the world of Search, the internet and web 1.0 hit me full in the face.

Headshot 2021

I crammed a lot into the next few years… Startups, starbucks, VC’s, IPO’s, CRM, technology, propositions, powerpoint, strategy, tactics, branding, people, successes, failures, confidence, insecurity, riches, losses, wife and kids.

I then spent a few years in the recruitment industry, turning around and running one of the country’s leading HR search and selection firms and also the marketing and technology functions of the parent group. In 2010 I left to do my own thing, helping companies bring products and propositions to market in a variety of sectors, from technology start ups to professional bodies.

In 2012 joined The Chemistry Group, an organisation I had admired for many years, to build their assessment platform to give even more people the opportunity to be brilliant.

I am currently the CEO of Headstart.io, a brilliant team of individuals i joined in 2017 who all share the same intent which is to make the process of entering into the workplace as fair as it possibly can be. We focus on early talent and levelling the playing field for applicants, particularly from minority or socially disadvantaged groups.

I hope you enjoy the thoughts from Inside My Head, even if you don’t agree with them!

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