Connecting people in HR…

It was over a catch up coffee with @joningham that the subject of HR communities came up.  I’ve known John for a number of years and indeed, it was our shared views on HR issues and the value of the community that dominated our very first meeting.   So here we are, sitting in the not unpleasant surroundings of the Skylon cafe bar having a well overdue catch up over coffee.

Its not long before the subject of social media comes up.   We discuss they issues, the hype and the challenges facing HR folk, but also note the opportunities it presents.  It’s an interesting and wide ranging discussion which ended with us both concluding that if social media could help to do one thing well, that would be to bring together the HR community in a way that was not possible before.  And not just to discuss and share ideas on social media, but on the wider range of subjects that have always taxed the minds of those in the profession.

So, we decided there and then that we should kick things off ourselves using the power of social media and so the idea of ConnectingHR was born.  We are keen to meet with other HR and Learning professionals who are interesting in meeting up to network and discuss burning issues, including social media.

We are especially interested in hearing from those HR professionals that are already using social media tools including those that are blogging or tweeting actively.

The date has been set forMonday the 29th March for this first HR tweetup and the venue is the downstairs room at the Square Pig pub in Holborn, London.  Details about the event and registration instructions can be found at or on LinkedIn events at

If you have not attended a tweetup before, I would encourage you to come along.  They are informal and open events where you can make some great contacts.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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