6 moves to f**k Madonna…

[tweetmeme]I’m having lunch with a contact recently and, as 2 guys the wrong side of 40 we get onto the inevitable subject of social media. With two sons at Uni, he decided to set up his own Facebook profile. “I only set up a Facebook page to keep in touch with them. But by accident found myself in possession of one of my boys’ Facebook password. Totally immoral, amoral and everything else” he admits. “But it’s a great way to find out what’s going on!”.

But he also admits that snooping around his sons Facebook profile only serves to painfully reinforce the vast differences in how they both approach communications. My lunch companions son has some 600 ‘friends’ on Facebook.  He himself has 4!

‘It’s very different” he says. Talk about six degrees of separation, my son has the same concept but in his world it’s referred to as ‘6 moves to f**k Madonna'”

As I take this in, 2 things occur to me:

  1. That I may only be 6 contacts away from a night of shame with the queen of pop myself – I wonder if she is aware of this?!
  2. That if the 6 steps concept is true, then there has never ever been a better time or opportunity, given the nature of social networking, to take advantage

In the recruitment context, mastery of social media can, and does, deliver results.  So with such powerful tools and capabilities at our fingertips how come we are mostly, as an industry, still in the dark ages, when it comes to mastering these tools and techniques?

Perhaps if we renamed it ‘6 moves to fill a placement’ recruiters might actually take note.

OK, that’s if from me.  I’m off to look up Madonna on Linked-In…. 😉

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