It’s all about fire and water…

[tweetmeme]Having just read another great post by @TheHRD (If you don’t follow him on Twitter or read his blog regularly, you should.  It’s rather good.) I was inspired to throw down a few views on the subject myself, especially to consider where it may all end.  @The HRD talks about so called progress and how change is moving so rapidly yet, the organisation’s we all work for are woefully prepared for the changes in demographics and natural resources.  Indeed.  How ridiculous that in this age of mini this, smart that and everything in the cloud our organisation’s still insist we all schlep into a single office space, enduring the hell of the commute and totally accepting the stupidity of the time wasted and well being suffered as we do so.  Its nuts.

And of course @TheHRD is absolutely right, resources are, and will, be everything.  As it stands, we are all blindly wandering into a world and lifestyle where riight now, if you were to cut off the power supply to most people they would be left with nothing.  Our dependency on the advances in technology means that if someone turns off the switch we will have no access to money, data, important documents etc.  Not even our beloved photo’s. Nothing is ours any more and, perhaps more worryingly, its all in the hands of someone else.  And on top of all that, if the lights do go off, we have succeeded in nurturing a whole generation of people who couldn’t light a fire if their life depended on it.

No, it isn’t right.  We are so wrapped up in our micro lives that we are missing a much bigger point and climate change, whilst a concern, wont be the issue.  We will have fought each other to the death for the last smidgen of natural resources by then.  Remember Easter Island?!

And lets not kid ourselves, its not about oil either.  Oil schmoil.  That’s just an ego trip for fat guys in sharp suits.  We will still be fighting over resources long after our ability to draw oil from the ground has gone.  Me? Well if it gets any worse, im off to Canada.  Its big, sparsely populated and has more fresh water and wood than anywhere else on the planet. It all started with fire and water, and that’s where it will end.

And I like the Canadians.

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