It’s time for some principles…

[tweetmeme]Having just returned from holiday and catching up with the conversations on the ConnectingHR initiative, especially the unconference organisation, I felt the need to explain a little bit about how the whole thing came about and to set out some of the principles and ethos of the community, particularly in light of the recent discussions around who should be part of it.  So below is an overview of what it’s is all about from my perspective and the principles on which it is based which should serve as a guide for all those who want to come along for the ride!  The principles will appear on the ConnectingHR website too, along with a copy of this blog post.

The core principle on which ConnectingHR was founded, was to bring together HR folk using social media.  And ultimately, not to focus just on social media but to see what benefit there could be to discussing and bringing together all the facets of HR and looking at them through a new, social lens.  And, most importantly, how we could use this to benefit people and organisations.

I’m tired of the way we run organisations and so are many others.  It could be so much better – netflicks and Semco are just too examples of that – and I think the social evolution (not revolution) is potentially key to innovating our way out of structures, processes and methods of doing things that are clearly not working.

The social web is enabling something.  Something significant.  Something potentially monumental in terms of organisational dynamics and in some way my hope is that by bringing people together through ConnectingHR we can start to effect that change. Start the dialogue, work together as a community – not just a network – but as a committed community to share, learn, innovate and act.

I guess I should also say that ConnectingHR wasn’t meant to be a commercial venture.   It came about from my professional capacity as a HR professional, not as a supplier looking for profit.  And I feel very strongly that that’s how I would like it to grow.  I know from Jon’s comments within the Yammer community that he feels the same too.

However, having said that, I would like for it to be self funding, in a ‘not for profit’ kind of way if at all possible.  This would mean that we could not only fund the modest networking and learning events without the need to look for sponsorship, but we could also perhaps fund projects, research or innovation.  Who knows.  Lofty ambitions already!

But I guess without ambitions or dreams, nothing ever emerges.

If you would like to be part of the #ConnectingHR initiative or the unconference, please do contact me via this blog or the website –

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