What a week…

Sometimes life can be a real bitch.  You think the world is totally against you.  One door closes and another one slams in your face…

But not this week.  I laugh in the face of adversity as I find myself sitting in a rather nice restaurant (a not often enjoyed treat) having just finished an equally nice catch up with the always entertaining @garyfranklin – He of The Forum for In-house Recruitment Managers fame, and part time rock god.  In our “putting the world to rights” banter Gary reminded me that this week has been a week of good news and accomplishments.

First up, @TheHRD launches a potential solution to Google reader – www.britishbusinessbloggers.co.uk – and proves that life as an HRD in a well known company in the UK comes with enough free time to build both an alternative life AND a great new blog aggregator.  Top effort from the man himself.

Then, if that wasn’t enough for Monday, the lovely @sarknight makes her debut on the top of Kilimanjaro, having prepped, fretted and sweated for months in the build up.  For those that follow Sarah you will have been treated to what in my experience is a first – climbing a mountain one tweet at a time and taking your friends with you by allowing them to see where you are using an iPhone app and website. Genius.  Well done Sarah, can’t wait to celebrate with you when you get back.

You want more?  OK, then how about the news from @mervyndinnen regarding his new role as Community and Content Manager at Jobsite?!  A real job in social media, for an ex recruiter (And a bloody great one at that!)  A great job for a great guy – well done Merv.  Maybe there is hope for Jobboards yet?!

On top of all that, my week has been great too.  Tickets are flying out the door for our second #ConnectingHR Unconference, I met some great new contacts at Social Media Week London and as a result I have real proposals out for real work in the area that I’m very passionate about – delivering commercial results by putting people and social collaboration at the heart of a business.

What a week!  If you can round it off by putting me in touch with someone you know who might benefit from working with me, or indeed you would like to chat about any opportunities you may have for someone with my skills, please do get in touch.

In the meantime, I’m off to catch up with even more of those great people from the twitterverse and will leave you with this one thought:

With the exception of Mervyn, every one of my face to face meetings this week, and everyone of my potential pieces of work has come from people I have known for less than a year, and all of them came onto my radar via twitter in some way.  In other words, the ‘social network’.   Did someone mention ROI…?

‘nuff said – have a great weekend all!


  1. I too had a productive meeting with a colleague and a business contact this week. How was the conversation facilitated? A personal relationship through Twitter.

    Two years on, and I’ve strengthened several relationships that originated explicitly through Twitter. I think your point about ‘no ROI’ is only cited by people who are not prepared to put the time and effort into social media relationships and networking.

    But before I waffle on too much, yes, a great week.

    The HRD’s BBB venture is an exciting new development and as a close personal friend of Mervyn’s, I’m also delighted for him regarding his successful social job search.

    The world of work is changing – let’s change with it.


  2. Thanks for pointing out to current and would be employers that I spend half my life dicking about…! In my defence of course I would point out that if I am this good on half power….just imagine what I’d be like on full throttle!!

    You’re right….there is a lot of good stuff going on….and hopefully it will continue, providing that if you are one of life’s dudes then cool things happen.


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