The #ConnectingHR tweetup. A real tweet…

If there is one thing twitter does, it seems to enable great conversation.  Reflecting on last nights ConnectingHR tweetup, I feel we made a teeny weeny little bit of history in bringing HR, internal comms and marketing folk together for the first time to talk social media and twitter in particular.  As one of the organisers I guess I’d be a bit biased when I say I thought it was a great night.  And not having a connection on the train home last night, or the time this morning to review the twitter stream for comments, I was wondering what others felt about the evening.  I need not have worried as the feedback has been so positive.  Check the hashtag stream – #ConnectingHR – and you will see what i mean!  Photo’s can now be seen here.

And as I’m typing this very post, other bloggers are posting about the event too.  Mike Morrison and Donald Taylor have both beaten me to a review!  And both make interesting comments about the value and use of twitter.  A snippet from Mike’s post:

At the event last night the energy in the room was palpable, a real buzz. People were networking, connecting and building relationships without the usual pressing of a hand full of business cards and “minute to win it” style sales pitches. It was meeting with people for the sake of meeting people. No real agenda. This is powerful stuff.

On the way home last night it struck me that twitter creates a whole new dynamic around bringing people together.  In the organisation of more traditional events, there would be very little dialogue between the attendees of the event beforehand, save for the odd email confirming attendance, dates and times.  This time, things were very different.  The enthusiasm for the tweetup was obvious and watching the momentum build in the weeks leading up to last night was fascinating.  If you scroll down the hashtag stream far enough – its pretty long! – you can see people tweeting and retweeting their interest, passing it on to others and encouraging their followers to attend. And on the day of the tweetup, things just mushroomed, with people tweeting on route!  Mike makes some great observations of these differences from an attendees point of view in his post.

As someone who is responsible for marketing within our business, this has been a real eye opener.  The whole event, crafted over a coffee with my partner in crime John Ingham was created, broadcast and supported without a single advert or email campaign.  In fact, the twitter community took care of the whole thing as it took on a life of its own.  The power of the crowd!

I shall be connecting with some of the great people I met last night a bit later (I’m a bit pushed for time right now!).  In the meantime, I’ll use this post to say a huge thank you to those that supported, shared and attended the event – without you it would not have been the success it seems to have been.  Also, can I apologise to anyone I didn’t get to chat to – as co-host I tried to get round as many people as I could but didn’t quite make the 60+ number!  Hope to catch up with everyone eventually.

Looking ahead, we have provisionally booked the 24th June for a follow up – booking details will be released soon.  We will also be issuing details of the HR unconference we mentioned too.  This is likely to be in September and promises to be another great event.  Well, I guess it will if you guys have anything to do with it! 😉


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